The project “Geostatistical downscaling of wind field predictions using high resolution satellite data”, acronym GeoWindSat, is implemented under the “International Collaborations – Dual Targeting” Programme within the “RESTART 2016-2020” funding framework for Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI) administered by Cyprus’s Research and Promotion Foundation, recently renamed to Foundation for Research and Innovation (FRI). The specific programme aims at networking of Cypriot organisations with research organisations of excellence from countries that are advanced or are emerging in the field of research, and the joint implementation of research to the benefit of the quality of life and competitiveness of the economy.

In line with the “International Collaboration – Dual Targeting” Programme, the GeoWindSat project aims to refine the relatively coarse wind information available for offshore areas of Cyprus through numerical weather prediction models, thus contributing towards a more detailed offshore wind speed and direction assessment for the region, via a suite of different data sources and advanced geostatistical methods for data fusion. In addition, project GeoWindSat seeks to establish formal research collaboration between two leading public research organisations, namely the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT-Lead Partner-Cyprus) and Inha University, South Korea. This project is expected to foster novel research that will transfer valuable experience and technical know-how to CUT, thus enhancing its network capacity and promoting Cyprus as a regional research hub. The project proposal GeoWindSat was ranked 3rd (average score 14.16/15) out of a total of 45 proposals submitted to the specific call. The project will run for 18 months with an overall budget of €80,000, mainly allocated to young researchers participating in the project.